Monday, May 4, 2009

It's getting warmer!

Nothing speaks like summer for me as chicken aspic.
This is what my mom would cook as soon as two hot days came along in a row, and just as I wanted to be all different, this is what I find myself doing without even thinking of it!
Just when my husband thinks of turning the grill on for the first time in the year, there I am, with my beautiful and loved “chicken under glass”.

It requires a little thinking in advance, of course, but it’s ideal for picnics, or even better for when you know you’ll be out the whole day, the whole HOT day, and you know that once you’ll be at home you won’t be able to put together something that makes sense for dinner and will just gobble down whatever comes your way.
Or, in my case, when I have my night out and I don’t want to give too many instructions to those I’m leaving home.

It is light, fresh and nutritious, and I just can’t stop eating it when I start.

Am I passing on some enthusiasm??

It is quite easy, too!
Just dice a little chicken breast, cooked.
I like mine steamed, because I think that a subtle flavor goes better with the pickles and seasoned vegetables I’m putting in, but I guess that sautee-ing it works just fine.

Then cut whatever suits you: I never skip olives, pickles, seasoned red peppers, little onions.
The possibilities are endless, you can go with hard boiled eggs, mushrooms, cheese and ham cubes, leftovers, you get the idea.
Boil some gelatin powder with a consommé (I usually go for a quart/a litre, it all depends on how much stuff you are putting in) and fill the mold with your chicken salad and the gelatin. Shove it in the fridge and patiently wait.

If you have 2 minutes to spare, making the first layer a little tidy is a decoration itself.


  1. Your food pictures are beautiful and so interesting. I've never had this dish, but your pictures make me want to try it!

  2. anna, domenica ho fatto per la prima volta la parmigiana di zucchine. e te l'ho dedicata col pensiero. era pure bella esteticamente.


  3. Ditto for me. I sure would be willing to give your recipe a try.

    Thanks for sharing, and thanks for stopping by my blog. Both the stories and the recipes in the cookbook are quite interesting.